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It seems like a lifetime ago when Michelle and I decided to move house, we looked for a 2 – 3 bedroom house with a garden to match what we had backing onto the marshes; never in a million years thought about living in a park home. Going from house to house and not feeling any of the houses gave us a feeling of home we started to feel that we should just stay in our lovely home overlooking the marsh.

Christmas came and we decided to stay and give up the search for that perfect home that we could call home again. A new year began and as our search engines started to ping on the computer and new houses came up for sale we said no “let’s stay” we have a beautiful home and the views are lovely. One day Michelle came across Kinderton Park purely by accident at first we thought, at 50 ++ we are not ready to retire yet.

However, Kinderton did look appealing, we researched Kinderton then we started to look for other types of residential park homes to compare but for one reason or another we kept coming back to Kinderton, it was out in the countryside but within easy reach of local towns and villages and our visits to Kinderton left us feeling a sense of belonging and everyone on the park who we met said hello and that was strange as we lived on new housing development and no one said very much.
Meeting Ann Marie at the site we were immediately impressed with what they have achieved and their plans for the development of Phase 4. Ann Marie and Tom have worked hard to achieve such a high standard that they have and in our opinion is excellent and will look beautiful when the remaining area of phase 4 is finished.

Every time we visited we were always welcomed not only by Anne Marie and Tom but other residents as well. I was concerned about feeling that living here was me retiring early and I would be drinking cocoa by 8.30 so I must of came to Kinderton 2 or 3 times a week for 12 months or so, it became a bit of a joke I was here more times than some of the residents, we were taken back by the lovely nature of the people we met each time we visited Kinderton and how friendly everyone was and how beautiful it all is…..

We fell in love with our home from the plans and it was fantastic that we were given the opportunity to completely design our home as we wanted it. We paid a deposit and put our house back on the market, little did we know then that nearly a year later due to the EU palaver a house that should of sold within a couple of months had 3 buyers let us down, however, Annemarie and Tom were excellent and helped us through such a stressful time they completely understood and nothing seem to worry them we couldn’t ask for any more and we were treated as part of the family.

We have been in our home now for fourteen months and we love every minute of it. We have lovely friendly neighbours and good friends throughout the park, it's lovely and peaceful here, we couldn’t wish for a better place to live and we both work full time in stress full jobs; we still laugh today because, as we pull through the gate separately, we both feel like a weight is lifted from our shoulders and the stress of the day just fades away as the gates close behind us.

Ann Marie and Tom are the most helpful and friendly people you would ever wish to meet, nothing is too much trouble and if they can help in any way they do. 

Thank you Ann Marie and Tom.
Rita and Ray Griffin
We retired and moved from Berkshire 18 months ago and have never regretted it for one moment.  When we have travelled back to Berkshire to visit family we just can’t wait to get back here. The park owners, Tom and Anne-Marie are always there if needed and take great pride in their park. 
We took almost two years of travelling around the country trying to find the ideal park but as soon as we came through the gates of Kinderton Park we knew it was going to be our new home.  Our lives down in Berkshire were very busy as we both worked and so when we were looking to retire we wanted to find a peaceful place to live. 
Our home is a Stately Albion Kensington which I had designed specifically so that I could have a decent-sized study for my sewing room.   
If you are looking for a perfect park in a tranquil location with wonderful park homeowners, look no further. 
Rita and Ray Griffin 
Linda & Chris Pearson
Hi Anne Marie & Tom,

We love living at Kinderton Park and are happy to send our testimonial. Hope this is of use to you.
Thanks for everything.
Kinderton Park was the first park home site that we visited, very much on the spur of the moment to get an insight into park homes and park home living. Right from the start Anne Marie and Tom were extremely helpful and nothing was too much trouble. We went away to think about all the possibilities and as we were not quite ready to move at the time, we visited many sites around the country during the next couple of years. However, none had the all-round appeal of Kinderton Park and in due course, we returned to Anne Marie and Tom to order our Stately Albion Kensington. We opted for part-exchange and throughout the process Anne Marie and Tom were most helpful. When the time came for us to move in there were flowers and tea making essentials waiting for us. The park is very safe and secure in the beautiful Cheshire countryside and it’s comforting to know that Tom and Anne Marie are always on hand. We recommend Kinderton Park to anyone considering park home life.
Peter & Pauline
We moved into our new home April 2017 and absolutely love it. Annmarie and Tom are the nicest people you could ever wish to meet, nothing is too much trouble,

Kinderton Park is so beautiful and tranquil it's just perfect.
We're so happy and our neighbours are so lovely.
Thank you so much, Annmarie and Tom, for all your help and your lovely welcome.
Don and Sue Bone
We have recently moved into a beautiful Stately Albion park home on phase three. We just love it. We have lovely neighbours who have made us feel very welcome. Words cannot describe how we feel about Anne Marie and Tom, they have been wonderful. Offering support and reassurance every step of the way. We just love it here and are so glad we made the move. Thank you so very much, Anne Marie and Tom
Jacqui & John Farnworth
It's been 3 months now since we moved into our Stately Albion Goodwood home. It all seemed to happen so quickly. We just got up one Sunday morning in February and John saw an advert for homes on Kinderton within the hour we were on our way to Middlewich just to have a noisy really, we were really impressed with the site but decided to keep our options open and had a look at a couple more sites NO comparison .. Kinderton 1st class so we made an appointment with Anne Marie to look at the show home absolutely beautiful nothing was to much trouble for Ann Marie or Tom, they answered all our questions and I had loads!.. We went home and put our house on the market the following day and it was sold the next day. But to cut a long story short we moved in our home at the end of July absolutely delighted with everything even to the little touches Ann Marie did like making sure we had a kettle with milk and tea bags to be able to make a drink whilst we were unpacking. Tom was brilliant he did everything that we requested like laying the turf and even putting my washing line up… so if anyone is thinking of buying one of these homes check out Kinderton first….

Thank you, Annemarie & Tom, for everything
Peter & Pauline Lacy
"Four years ago my wife and I started looking at Residential Park Homes and each time we took our touring caravan away or visited an exhibition we would look at this type of home and say to each other “I could live in one of these homes”.

We spent a long time looking at different sites and locations until we found Kinderton Park. Out in the countryside but within easy reach of facilities and shopping centers.

We were touring in Yorkshire when I googled Stately Albion homes and asked for a brochure. Within one hour Ann-Marie contacted us. She told us about the show home she had on the site and we arranged a visit.

On meeting Ann Marie at the site we were immediately impressed with what they have achieved and their plans for the development of Phase 3. Ann Marie and Tom have worked hard to achieve the standard they have which in my opinion is excellent.

We fell in love with the home and decided to use the part exchange facilities and although things developed slowly it still was the best way in the end. Much less stressful than being in a chain of buyers and sellers.

We have been in the home for three months now and love every minute of it. We have lovely, friendly neighbors and Ann Marie and Tom are the most helpful and friendly people you would ever wish to meet. Nothing is too much trouble and if they can help in any way they do.

We have moved houses and locations a few times but we think this is the best move we have ever done and we are looking forward to a long and happy retirement.

Thank you Ann Marie and Tom."
Harvey and Barbara Blair
"Just a thank you note now that we have settled into our new home at Kinderton Park.

We would like to thank you sincerely for all your help in securing a smooth purchase of our beautiful new home and your warm and friendly welcome to Kinderton Park. We have wonderful neighbours and are more than delighted with everything.

It is the best move we have ever made.

Thank you all again."
Jackie & Bob Gibbons
"Choosing a park home is easy and knowing there are many variations makes it more exciting.

Choosing the park to put it on is a diffent matter, so after many months of researching and searching through Cheshire we found kinderton park. After viewing phase 1 & 2 we knew we had found the park we had been searching for. Anne marie and Tom have worked hard on this beautiful park and we have no doubt that when phase 3 is completed we will have found the best park. Anne marie and Tom have built their own home and garden in the park which tells us that they are saying "we will be there for you"."
Val Savage
"I was the first owner of a new home on phase 3 and I arrived on the 1st January.

The park home owners, Tom and Anne-Marie had warmed up the place for me and made it really welcoming for my arrival.
It always takes a bit of time to settle in to a new home and for me, a new location too. Anne-Marie has gone out of her way to show me around, even on one unfortunate occasion, when I needed to visit the local hospital, she drove me there, stayed with me, brought me home and kept checking on me through the next few weeks.

Kinderton Park is a quiet and peaceful location in the heart of farming country. So many birds come to feed on the food I put out for them; from woodpeckers to swifts to the more usual robins, starlings, tits and tree sparrows. I am looking forward to the developing community spirit as more and more homes become occupied."
Gary & Rosina Simpson
"My wife and I had been planning in the years leading up to our retirement to purchase a new park home, as it would best suit our requirements during our future retirement years together.
We have visited a number of park home sites throughout the country and have been impressed with some of them but had not made any firm commitments

We then discovered that a new phase 3 was in the process of development at kinderton park in the quite Cheshire countryside near Middlewich.

We made arrangements to visit the site and were very impressed from the start with the location. We then viewed the two show homes which were on site and immediately decided that the new Stately Albion Badminton.
Was the home for our happy retirement.

We were guided through the process by Annemarie who reassured us throughout and had all the time to put us at ease with our decision.

We exchanged our previous home by using the part exchange offer and were impressed by the ease this has made to a normally very stressful process.

Annemarie who was very helpful contacted us regularly and also by Stately Albion that all our requirements, which we requested for our design, were correct before built to the drawing.

On the weeks leading up to our move Tom and Annemarie could not do enough for us and we will be forever great full for their kind support.
On the week of out move at the end of July 2015 Annemarie and Tom gave us all the support we could ever need.

They supplied all the welcome packages that made our day a day to remember and made the signing over process very easy with the help from Albert, their longest resident.

We have been here for a couple of weeks now and have not regretted our decision one minute. We know this has been one of the best decisions we have ever made both for location, home and new friends and neighbours.

We are now looking forward to a very happy retirement

Thank you Annemarie and Tom"
Audrey & George Beevers
"Having decided to return to the UK after living in Cyprus for 21yrs we looked at many alternatives for our final move and retirement. None were in such a lovely tranquil and peaceful setting as Kinderton Park. Our first meeting with the park owners, Anne Marie and Tom Herring made us feel so welcome and confident that we decided to reserve a plot pending the sale of our property in Cyprus.

After some 15 months we eventually moved to our new home and during that period both Anne Marie and Tom had arranged everything for us and had carried out our wishes to the letter, making our move back to the UK so much easier. We were made so welcome by them – so many thoughtful little things done for our arrival in the home by Anne Marie too – that we immediately knew we had made the right choice. We have been here for just 2 months now and the help both Anne Marie and Tom have given us has been second to none – nothing has been too much trouble for them at whatever time of the day. Our transition back to the English way of life has been made much easy not only with help from Anne Marie and Tom but with help too from the neighbours, who have made us feel very much at home here at Kinderton Park –everyone has been so kind and friendly. For sure, moving to Cheshire and buying our lovely home here at Kinderton Park was the best decision we have ever made."
Mr & Mrs A.Grundy
"This park is owned by Ann Marie and Tom Herring. We looked at quite a few parks before deciding on this one. We chose it because of it being in the country where you are surrounded by trees that are full of birds. But firstly because of the warm welcome we received from Ann Marie and Tom. We chose the house we wanted but before we moved in Ann Marie let someone in so that our blinds could be fitted which she oversaw. We were also allowed to fetch some boxes and some furniture. We also had a shed erected, washing line installed and flags laid by Tom and the BT line was connected. Also our TV Ariel and Sky was installed by Anthony Moorey who was very friendly and came back when we had moved in to make sure everything was alright, nothing was too much trouble to Anthony.

How many park owners would have allowed any of that to happen? They always said that if they could help in any way that they would. They really meant that. All this took a lot of the moving pressure away. Also another resident Albert who knows my husband works and I do not drive drove me to Middlewich to show me where the Doctors was and the local supermarket and also the library where Albert took me so I could apply for my bus pass. He even sh owed me where his favorite fish and chip shop and where the post office was. He also said if I ever needed a lift I only had to ask. Other residents have kindly stopped and asked if I needed a lift. People always wave and say hello they are very friendly.

It is not far for me to get to a bus stop just a 15 minute walk along a country lane. We moved in on the 15th June this year and although the build is still going on Tom and his men always make sure that when they leave every day that everything is left tidy. Lastly the first morning we were here there was a welcome card from Alice and David Boot. What a lovely thought. We would both recommend anyone to Kinderton Park."
John & Margaret Sainsbury
"After two and a half years of waiting to move to Kinderton Park, and having at last sold our Park Home in Sussex, two major difficulties occurred - I was suddenly hospitalised, and the DVLA decided that I should no longer drive. Fortunately the illness responded to treatment, but the transport problem appeared to present a major problem as there was no public transport available and as Margaret does not drive. We need not ave worried. Anne-Marie made other residents aware of our problem, and we were met with kindness and concern, and many offers of help with transport.

Anne-Marie herself provided transport to fetch items stored at our daughter’s, took us to Crewe in search of light fittings, and greeted our arrival with a lovely bouquet, tea, coffee, crockery, electric kettle - it's these little items which show the concern which the owners have to establish a happy and settled environment.

Tom Herring does an excellent job of maintaining the Park in top condition, and is always ready to meet residents’ needs for additional landscaping, paving etc.- any work done is of a high standard and performed promptly. We have settled happily at Kinderton Park, and thank Anne-Marie and Tom, and our very good neighbours for all their kindness and concern."
Lynda Morrin
"Kinderton Par k is a very quiet, friendly environment, owned by Anne Marie and Tom who both have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Moving to the Park was so easy – no stress, aggravation or last minute surprises/shocks.

Right from reserving our plot, to moving in, Anne Marie was at the end of the phone to answer all of our questions and she even met us at Home seekers to offer support and guidance whilst we designed our new home. It can be overwhelming, but with Anne Marie on hand, we knew that she would pick up on anything we had not thought about which was just as well! Once ordered, we just had to sit back and wait; again Anne Marie did all the worrying for us. She kept in touch with Home seekers and kept us up to date on progress. We were even encouraged to come and see how the plot was developing and discuss finishing’s like brickwork, drives etc.

The day came and the handover couldn’t have been easier. Fifteen minutes and we were finished. We were made to feel very welcome by Anne Marie and assured that both she and Tom would continue to be available to help or advise in any way they could. Anne Marie and Tom Herring are the perfect owners for this type of environment. They both show a very genuine interest in the comfort and wellbeing of their residents without being imposing.

The perfect place to spend our retirement years. So pleased we took the plunge."
Ted Byrne
"Kinderton Park is a very pleasant, peaceful and well-spaced, designed park with the advantage of a resident owner. As an elderly cyclist I have the bonus of the park being on the Cheshire ring cycle route and close to and extensive canal system."
Albert Goodwin
"My Name is Albert, I have lived on Kinderton Park for seven years and I was the first on one with my good wife Sandra, she passed away in 2010. We lived in Gloucester for five years before returning to the North West to be near our children. This site is perfect, for our needs fitted with CCTV and electric gates. My Home is an Omar Sandringham; this home had changes made to interior rooms at Sandra’s request to be wheelchair friendly. You will go a long way to find a site as good as this one. Your base has a driveway for your car, lawns are laid and your home is bricked in. We are all good friends at Kinderton Park and get on well together. The site owners live on the site twenty-four seven, you can call on them anytime, day or night. Towns for shopping: Middlewich, Sandbach, Northwich, Nantwich, Chester. Motorway is the M6 at junction 18 great for going north or south. I do hope this information will assist you into calling to see the site."
David Marshall
"Having never experienced the part-exchange scenario before we were amazed at the speed in which we were able to complete our transactions satisfactorily (in the main due to Anne Marie keeping on top of things). A quick letter to say how I feel about Kinderton Park: It is quiet and friendly, the purchasing of the home was made easy, and if anything needs doing Tom will get it done. I also feel safe because of the park being gated.
Jean & Brian Lamb
"If you want a quiet, secure, countryside environment yet is only a few miles away from major stores, supermarkets etc. in the towns of Middlewich, Northwich and Sandbach this is the place to be.

The homes in the park are well sited, spacious each with individual gardens and ample parking. We have just completed our first year on the site and must say from our experience owners Anne Marie and Tom could not have been more helpful in making our transition into the park environment easier into this way of life."
John & Lorraine Thompson
"We Moved to Kinderton Park in April 2012 having taken the part exchange option which all went off very smoothly.

The owners, Tom and Annemarie have been extremely helpful and friendly and made sure everything was ready and in place on the day. We love the real sense of community here, everyone being very friendly making us feel very welcome.

We celebrated the Jubilee not long after we arrived with a marquee on the green, put up by Tom and Annemarie, with everyone joining in it was a lovely day.

It’s a lovely place, peaceful and quiet surrounded by trees and countryside, everyone keeps their gardens lovely and the park is kept clean and tidy although there is some work in progress to some parts during development. The shops are 10 minutes away by car and plenty of walks nearby for the dog. We love life here; we have great neighbours and have made lots of new friends. Tom and Annemarie could not be more helpful and friendly.

Very happy to be here!"
Alice & David Boot
"We have lived on Kinderton Park for six months now and we find it to be a very lovely and peaceful place to live. Set in lovely countryside which we like to explore with our two Border Terriers Meg and Bess.

The day we moved here was Friday, 26th February 2010 and the weather was awful, wet, cold and miserable, but a warm welcome awaited us from Anne-Marie and Tom Herring, the park owners who did all they could to make our move from Staffordshire to Cheshire as good as possible in spite of the weather!

During our time here that welcome and warmth has continued from Anne Marie and Tom and they are always ready and willing to help and support in any way possible if needed. Our neighbours on the Park have been very friendly and made us feel a part of the Kinderton community. One of the big plusses in our decision to move to Kinderton was the security of the Park; an important element in today’s world."
Don & Elaine Webber
"We find life on the park quiet and relaxing and have found everyone so friendly and helpful. Our Stately Albion Chatsworth home is a real treat to live in and we should have come years ago. We had a very warm welcome from Anne Marie and Tom and nothing is too much trouble for them."

Retirement Homes

Our residential park homes are exclusively available for the semi retired and retired seeking an affordable and relaxing quality of life within a friendly community of like minded neighbours sharing a common bond.

Resident Testimonials

"We fell in love with the home and decided to use the part exchange facilities and although things developed slowly it still was the best way in the end. Much less stressful than being in a chain of buyers and sellers. "

Peter & Pauline Lacy

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